Mercury Adventure Club

D&D and Other TTPRG Experiences

About Us

Mercury Adventure Club started informally in 2022 as a summer experience for youth to play Dungeons & Dragons in a safe setting, with an experienced game master. Founder Hunter Goetzman is a veteran elementary school educator, with over 15 years of experience in the classroom, and over 8 years as a game master. 

Our mission is to foster community and cooperation, through Dungeons & Dragons 5e and other TTRPGs. While our focus is to provide a safe, supportive and consistent environment for youth players, we support players of all ages.

We offer campaigns for youth and adults, "play test" sessions of new/different systems, one shot/special events, and full-day "camp" experiences for student-aged players. 

We are ready to offer more games now in 2024, so please reach out when you're ready for adventure!


Campaigns & One-Shots